About Me

About chandramorgan.com

Hie there folks, I am Chandra Morgan, you can call me Chandra in short, just reached 40 in 2019 and born in Johor Baharu but moved and grew up in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia.

I bought this chandramorgan.com domain for one year now, and now I am committed to bringing some life with good meaningful content to this website. In the coming days, weeks and months, this website will document my journey into topics which I am passionate and excited about, in which I will be spending most of my time from 2019 onwards.

About Contents

Reaching up to 40, I had come across, heard of, read a blog or article, saw life-changing videos on YouTube or television which we forgot over time, its simply hard at least for me to have a place for me to come back and go through it again, either to get more understanding or get into in-depth information, making it a research topic for me to take on for the weeks or months to come.

Why do it? Well some interesting topics needs to be unwrapped to reap of its benefits. That and life is a learning process, by doing this not only having a space for me to document my journey but it can be a resource center for those whom might have the same interest and passion.


This website will be my information vault where I challenge myself to grow and transform in bringing out the most from my life.

Also I hope this vault can serve others to use the information or research material from this website to their personal gains in their life journey.