Learning Python

So I decided to venture into coding, software development after being in the IT infrastructure industry for more than 15 years now. Here, I am just going to record down my technical projects which i would like to develop using Python and who knows, maybe can move into C/C# one day 🙂

Types of Application using Python

  1. Web Development – Using Django/Flask
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Data Visualization/Data Analysis
  4. Scripting
  5. Game Development/Desktop Applications/Embedded Applications

Beginners Projects for Python Learners!

  1. Build A Web Scraper
  2. Build an API
  3. Create A Web Server
  4. Create Chip 8 Emulator
  5. Build a log-in system
  6. Card Game (Black Jack, Rummy)
  7. Excel Module (python-excel)
  8. Turtle Module

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